Transparent, personal and efficient

About HFG Group

HFG group provides for the settlement of outstanding claims and specializes in long-term debt collection in the retail lending business across all industries. The HFG group stands by its clients with the entire process chain of recovery as well as individual debt collection and debt purchase solutions. Thanks to its optimal processes, HFG group works effectively on even large number of cases – from carrying out the fully automated monitoring of orders of payment to archiving records.

Collection Philosophy

Respectful treatment, equality and justice are the basis of all communication of HFG Group. We offer help to debtors in financial difficulties to meet their obligations and arrange individual repayment solutions. Our experienced professionals are well trained legally and help the debtors with the necessary sensitivity and through personal contact in all matters relating to their claims. The key to success lies in a corporate culture, characterised by honesty and personal responsibility. We are aware that the daily commitment of our employees also affects the reputation of our clients. Therefore, we place special emphasis on regulatory compliance; forming a true and humane Image is fundamental to our work.

HFG Group, Hamburg, December 2014.