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HFG Group – Hamburg 2018

Corporate Guiding Principles

Our success over the years is based on high attention concerning our guiding principles. These accompany our daily work and will continue to do so into the future, central to all our dealings.

Simply more awareness.

Our principles:

Fairness and the law form the framework for our dealings with everyone. Tolerance and understanding for the needs of clients and their customers, as well as for our fellow staff, is a given condition. This is the ethical culture of our company, to be realised by every member of staff.

Simply expect more.

Our aspiration:

As specialists in long-term debt collection, we base our expertise and success on over 25 years of exclusive involvement with enforceable judgments. This gives us our uniqueness in the market. Therefore, our clients, their customers and our staff can expect more from us.


Simply more team spirit.

Our conduct:

Everything rests on the work of our staff – they are a team, to whom our clients and our corporate group can attribute their own success. Our approach to each other is based on mutual trust, respect, fairness and shared values. Enjoyment of our work and embracing challenges are what unite us. We deal openly with each other and share our knowledge.


Simply more change.

Our dynamic:

We look to achieve progress in everything we do. Our central purpose is to enthusiastically begin where others leave off, injecting energy and success into seemingly inert proceedings – day by day.


Simply more future.

Our vision:

Progress comes from taking forward steps - both great and small. By adapting to ever-present change, we can secure our future. We are heading to this independently and self-determinedly. Innovation, flexibility, competence and sustainability inform all our activities. We aim to enthuse with progress.


Simply more optimism.

Our self-perception:

Realised principles make us successful and attractive to our clients. To this end we seek to give our present and future staff members an individual working space in a stimulatingly vibrant and diverse working climate.